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NBT Practice: 373 Prep for SROT

Date: Oct 18, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: GC Lukoi Banacek
Prep to fight the raid into Lyran Alliance territory, which we conduct the following evening.


Need a couple more OPFOR as well if folks are available.

Will be a lobby session focused on current SROT tactics.
I should be available for opfor. However, I have some high ping issues lately. Everything is good and stable at 15-20 ms as long as no one is doing more than browsing at the same time I play. But if Netflix or the like runs in parallel, I get pikes at 800-1000 ms which is unplayable (hence why I have not been on a lot lately...). I will try a few things to get that fixed soon.
By "try a few things" do you mean beat family/roommates about the head and shoulders for streaming while you try and shoot stompy robots?
BW eta0h
I live in the country and have a wireless internet connection. For the most part it's pretty reliable, but sometimes I get similar issues you described, where Netflix will steal the bandwidth.

If your not technical or into iptables etc, you might take a look at an Asus Router and load Merlin WRT onto it.

Then you can quickly prioritize your own traffic above everyone else. (Netflix codec will downscale so they can still view)

The router QoS options are pretty straight forward, or can be changed to allow more fancy, advanced rules.

Yup, it is right there down the list of potential "fixes", after validating how crappy my router is and some QoS stuff...
BW eta0h
If you choose an Asus, don't go with the RT-AC86U as future Merlin firmware might not be available.

Eric Sauvageau‏ @RMerlinDev 13h13 hours ago

So this puts the whole RT-AC86U in jeopardy, as I can no longer add new nvram variables longer than 255 chars.

Eric Sauvageau‏ @RMerlinDev 13h13 hours ago

libvram is closed source on HND, and now I discover that any unrecognized (read: unique to Asuswrt-Merlin) nvram value limited to 255 chars.
Thanks for the advice. Actually one of my friend will lend me a linksys ac1750 to see if it gets things going. If so, I'll probably get something similar (or better...). Otherwise I will go back to the bottleneck diagnostic phase!
in class sorry
no prob man. A firm no is at least helpful for planning the practices. Appreciate it!
Just want to clarify which team side you will be playing.

373 is team 2 since you are attacking?
imma maka my number 2's all ova ya face!

I've been patching for the last 48 minutes, with chronic timeouts etc.....nothing else I'm doing online is having a problem, so might be late. I'm not even 20% across the progress bar yet.
Those download servers are Akamai, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
what's Akamai?
Amazon's on demand distro service.
(Also, what ISP?)
Spectrum -- cable ISP.
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